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    Having an identity crisis because sometimes I want so badly to enjoy things like the song Moon River which feels quite American and then I remember the history of exclusionary politics and past and present violence slung at people at who look like me by this country and boy do I feel lost. Why did I immigrate to you, America

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    Don’t think there is any better marketing technique than calling a grey bag “stone”

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    In my Myers Briggs description on 16Personalities there’s a section header called “Don’t lose that little spark of madness”

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  • 02/07/17--21:04: craibeib: part 2

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    part 2

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    No one really values their alone time until they’re not alone anymore like I’m laying in bed and I smell terrible and I’m eating a kind bar in the dark and I got crumbs all over my own face and I don’t care at all and no one else does either

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    Isn’t there something so romantic about me watching Serendipity while eating chocolate cake I had delivered to my front door

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    I matched with this guy on tinder who isn’t my type (he doesn’t have a baby face) but he is great at making conversation (that’s never happened on that app. Everyone is just like “wassssssup,” including myself). Anyway social media is so weird, I found this guy on Facebook in under 10 seconds, scrolled through his pictures, and watched him make his way through like two vacations and a former relationship. I feel sick

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    Tracey Emin, Birds 2012 London Olympic Print, 2011

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    Cactus garden in California in 1902

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    You know that feeling when a guy tells you it isn’t just about sex for him so you go to a Mexican restaurant and talk about conspiracy theories and are like maybe you’re ok guy even though we don’t have a lot in common and then you fall asleep on his chest and you wake up because he is taking your dead sleepy corpse hand and putting it around his penis? Anyone know that feeling lol and then he like moves his penis around with your hand on it but you’re so scared and shocked that you just lay there and hope that it stops if you pretend you’re really REALLY asleep “lol”

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    I thought my ex boyfriend getting angry at me when I told him that I was sexually abused gave me trust issues little did I know that there was much more in store for me !

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    One woman’s pledge…to spend more hours hiding in the bathroom at work…. than engaging in customer facing activities …

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    True life: I want to listen to Ween but my phone is at 10% and I’ve been stuck in this paper gown in this room at my OBGYNs for 45 mins

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    Poem for the New Year
    By Devin Johnston

    I’ve tracked myself from day to day
    how many steps through a field of snow
    how many hours have I slept
    what have I eaten
    what did I burn
    calories or cigarettes
    what birds have poured
    through Bellefontaine
    where mausoleums bear the names
    of Busch and Brown
    Lemp and Spink
    on marble white as winter endive
    when I can read my title clear
    to mansions in the skies
    what have I read
    how many words
    what facts
    statistics biometrics
    what data aggregation
    what news
    of wins and losses
    getting and spending
    each dawn a color wheel
    to gauge the shifting moods
    the daylight sunk in trees
    an index of attraction

    According to the Tao Te Ching
    each day brings more
    and more of less
    less and still less
    with no end to nothing
    and nothing left undone

    Even here in Bellefontaine
    along a winding street
    silence brings an interval
    of yet more distant sound
    trucks along the interstate
    a plane behind the clouds